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I took my first dip into the iTerm2/vim/vimux landscape from the land of gui MacVim. The immediate first problem I am having is that several plugins I use support very poor 8color highlights when in cterm land. So, I want to improve them as much as possible...

I've looked at some of the wikia recommendations, and found how the colorschemes that support 256 colors to see how they did it. Looks somewhat straight forward, but...

Anybody else done this before? I hate to attack this problem in three plugins if there is already a supporting library out there to make the job easier.

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Why don't you list the 3 plugins and the problems you have? –  romainl Nov 1 '12 at 16:17

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Don't touch your plugins. You only need to change the terminal type in iTerm2's settings to xterm-256colors.

I don't have a Mac at hand right now but I know it's very easy to find.

If your colorscheme is GUI-only, you can use CSApprox or some similar plugin to transform it in a 256-colors colorscheme.

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CSApprox does the magic. Thanks! –  dsummersl Nov 1 '12 at 17:58

Plugins should define their highlightings via :hi def MyGroup .... With that, you can override the defaults in your ~/.vimrc via

:hi MyGroup ctermfg=... ctermbg=...

Should the plugin miss the def part, you can still override the highlightings after the plugin was sourced (e.g. in a ~/.vim/after/plugin/ script).

But I agree with romainl that first and foremost, make sure to get the 256 colors in your terminal, and use CSApprox to adapt your colorscheme to the high-color terminal, should your favorite colorscheme not support it out of the box.

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