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I have a simple TreeWidget populated with subclassed TreeWidgetItems. When one of these Items is moved through an Internal Drag and Drop event, how do I catch the Item that was moved?

When the Item is moved, I want to catch the item so i can get its new parent item.

I have tried using an eventFilter to look for a ChildRemoved event, but when I ask the event for the child, it returns a generic QObject, instead of my subclassed item. What am I missing?

def eventFilter(self, sender, event):
    if event.type() == QtCore.QEvent.ChildRemoved:
        widgetItemThatMoved = event.child()
    return False


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you will need to implement a dragEnterEvent, dragMoveEvent and dropEvent

To access the dropped QTreeWidgetItem(s), you do that right inside the dropEvent

class myTreeWidget(QtGui.QTreeWidget):
    def __init__(self, parent = None):
        super(myTreeWidget, self).__init__(parent)

    def dragEnterEvent(self, event):
        print('dragEnterEvent happened')

    def dragMoveEvent(self, event):
        print('dragMoveEvent happened')

    def dropEvent(self, event):
        print('dropEvent happened')
        self.theFunc(parentThatReceivedIt,widgetItemThatMoved )

    def functionToCallWhenDropped(self,theFunc):
        #this method allows you to pass a reference to this class so you assign it to a local variable for easy calling.

It will be nice to add an extra method functionToCallWhenDropped so that you can have access to the parent class method, in the parent class, you will do something like this

 def someMethod(self):

    def wasDropped(self, newParent, theMovedChild):
        #this method will be called the very moment you drop the item
        print(newParent.text(0)+" => "+theMovedChild.text(0))

I hope this helps someone.

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