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When creating an embedded view, a popup will appear asking from which database and which view to embed. There's also an option to use @formula to specify the view. Selecting that will present 2 more option 'Display' (radio button): 'View' and 'Formula'. How do I write formula to select view 'Employee' from 'Database B'? Let's say I'm currently in 'Database A'. In the form I already passed value for 'Database B' server and file name/path in the fields 'svr' and 'db'.

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Unfortunately you can't. You can only specify the view name which corresponds to views within the current database.

See more information here:

Just a thought: I'm not sure if this is possible, but perhaps you could add the two embedded views into your form and then hide/show them? They wouldn't be based on a formula, but deciding whether they show/hide could be based on a formula.

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Ken is right, however instead of using hide-whens, I would suggest using two subforms, each one with one of the embedded views, and a computed subform formula. That seems slightly cleaner to me. – Richard Schwartz Nov 2 '12 at 0:43

Here's how you do it:

It is an extensive writeup so I won't describe it here.

I've been using this solution for ages, works pretty well.

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