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I have a value, and an array. I'm trying to see if the value is contained within the array. I'm using jQuery's 'inArray' method but the results keep telling me that it is not found. What am I doing wrong?

here is the fiddle.

var array =  ["79C8A605-1384-4A51-8AC9-C53C1AE075D2", "E367CEEE-A344-4C63-B4B3-A1CC20D3DAF2", "1E3ED40E-935A-4895-960E-89FFD8CD81B9", "2E67F9E8-4770-497E-A938-0A145DA033AF", "35B33B09-6BD3-495E-9A3E-4B5D6DF8655E", "F419FB1F-4922-46B9-B651-8BB0D42510DD", "61FD263B-175E-4434-8A88-8E00418E2E14", null, "FF98229A-998C-49AD-9392-E4CE98115C0A", "C88B9D52-FE70-430C-B43D-D52F9B22E997", "1DDF2413-B453-42BB-8D78-7A7AAA94C353", "55D922B1-EBCD-4EC3-87A5-FA6AA38C9975", "0FA8079A-F76F-4CA5-B370-7B8B9AF2720A", "CF1971EF-E0C2-4C54-8131-A19FB14F2515", "A736854B-73A2-4282-85E0-6298D8AB815A", "DA280665-DC5E-4DF2-9FB1-924E1C8E4713", "9C73A934-9DDF-415C-A409-F2AC79493539", "FD950617-2C9C-4B6C-94F1-6C746699B636", "F184BBBE-C296-4F1D-9DD7-57F87D3B95A6", "676955FB-3F3D-4DC6-8F9D-A873A8440499", "5509E5C6-6650-4DF6-B7A9-49C8BC935B53", "7D88DCD6-431E-41EB-9A87-5C19C2D579FC", "509EA3D8-5B30-41F0-809B-D1E45BC30E3C", "6C4D6F4F-A188-4E6C-B40C-02AE4A5FFAAB", "710E2593-FE14-4CAB-B97C-95D96BB81266", "CBEB793E-A572-4995-8342-E9A48EF19E82", "A8C937F2-056C-46B4-8034-11CA4BB37A1D", "8E9B5E53-298B-4BDE-A696-20F102C28F12", "7BF7421C-CB21-4A44-BBA3-2CFD3A74C889", "F8D89224-7BB7-477F-BB8E-F5B2633A4111", "73F196CF-62F8-4F7A-9938-4F52404450E4", "B4D419D6-A5B8-4141-8C0E-ADCBEC72F2D8", "59ECF672-5C93-4E1E-8E30-6E0699874D61", "EC72A684-5888-48E1-99FD-FE455A50222F", "5D234D6D-E296-4D90-B87E-61FB6FB48702", "8EDD5718-E28A-4A4E-85BA-4DC9C072EAA8", "66FEA812-9945-4FFB-87CB-CCA828768FA0", "0025CB40-3016-4286-AD60-46685EDFD6A1", "508AC4D3-EA29-43A9-92CC-453FE2438D58", "030C5CBE-C227-4326-BED7-DB16A90D5A36", "2AAFF154-0FD0-4B60-9180-DE19A9E0890B", "64EBB0B4-81C1-46EB-8B1A-711A06E45FA3", "E1AA77B2-0E67-42A7-B7D7-A15D2A4EA448", "E9543440-E66E-4984-AC4E-091F161D33D6", "D93988D5-73D9-4988-B1A1-B48282F3C7B7", "6DC572B8-1F69-4A5C-81C7-6EAC617EBEE1", "BB56B36C-1D90-4B8D-ABF0-4ECD4052DCC1", "D1FEFB8D-84F4-4500-92F2-70FEE23F4B6E", "3A836ED4-639C-42C4-B945-375DC053FB61", "33672786-E964-4C3F-A3EB-7BF6634D13A0", "7F76C892-AEC1-4901-80BE-B93DFF59D159", "0E92F1AD-5C09-4B3D-BAF5-5D62BA3440EF", "73E50616-DCA7-4E83-B81F-100C21A18C49", "CF89704A-BD58-4D41-A5B5-10BAFC6F8085", "0D5CBF2A-3699-4968-A2DC-F6EA61D6C7C1", "FED50D50-86E8-42E2-8CD4-17DC01BB966C", "81EEFFA0-D172-4BC3-8474-2C55E6CB06CA", "8FA6CBBD-D5AC-431D-B1E3-C0D1BA48ECCA", "7EEA9381-F0F0-4252-BF29-D15A5A0283C6", "0FFDE30B-E4C3-40CC-A292-566D54D05821", "E24EE39E-0FDE-4C20-B61C-E5C07B483CF8", "82F6B86F-6EAB-42B4-B19D-CA6EAFF83A92", "7B663073-6296-4A08-89AF-7051EAFC3E8A", "EA36E8B5-A266-473C-A076-96A605A856B9", "4A99A5A0-FBF3-4AC6-A34A-52E761B98C8A", "26513617-D98B-44D9-BDD5-2FFCB8C7783B", "67F93D0F-E145-4447-A7B8-E3D1E944B88C", "9798FD1D-B781-4420-A37E-622E04E69672", "1A872624-E81B-45B7-B6FD-ED229AE54042", "092C0992-FAED-4E74-AB3E-6553F5261EF2", "76B94E6B-BE6B-43F2-ABBD-67A3B92C33B9", "AADF1B4D-F32E-4C0C-B4FC-EAC051338B8C", "E8A2479D-B1FC-4B67-AC94-C1AB8E1C7298", "8F7350C0-867D-461A-92D9-225CF8E91D60", "E742D55B-ADF0-4ADF-A3C9-EC4B3BAA832A", "320EBB4F-F0AB-47E7-A5B6-334429F8DEC8", "CEF5D66B-5EF2-468B-A9BE-06B0BC05E917", "CC6D2205-EB58-414D-A404-ED7B743E385E", "7D7EB4D0-BE31-4F28-928D-8E1FC5C947F0"];

var value = "CC6D2205-EB58-414D-A404-ED7B743E385E";

$('body').html($.inArray(value, array));​


If I run this code

if ($.inArray(value, array)) {/*this will never be called, why?*/} 

I will never see anything where /*this will never be called, why?*/ section is.

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It returns 77 in that fiddle. – James Allardice Nov 1 '12 at 16:20
Yep, I'm getting 77 too – climbage Nov 1 '12 at 16:21
Yeah I edited my question to reflect it not saying -1 any more – Dennis Martinez Nov 1 '12 at 16:21
whachu talking about willis – aziz punjani Nov 1 '12 at 16:21
Your fiddle works? – Rory McCrossan Nov 1 '12 at 16:21
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You should first understand the concept of truthyness/falseyness in javascript. The following values will evaluate inside a boolean operator as false

empty string

And the following will evaluate true

non-null object reference
non-empty string
any non-zero number

Now do you see the problem using



Hint: Not finding the element (-1) will evaluate true, finding the element in the first position (0) will evaluate false. Finding the value in any element after the 1st will evaluate true.

The easy fix is to use:

if ($.inArray(value, array) >= 0)
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Not finding the element (-1) will evaluate false - this is not true. if(-1){true} returns true. -1 == true returns false. See this question: why-are-javascript-negative-numbers-not-always-true-or-false – jfrej Nov 1 '12 at 17:22
@jfrej - quite right, my mistake. Answer updated. – Jamiec Nov 2 '12 at 8:48

The $.inArray() method is similar to JavaScript's native .indexOf() method in that it returns -1 when it doesn't find a match. If the first element within the array matches value, $.inArray() returns 0.

In addition to that inArray returns the index of the occurrence.

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This might be your problem. In javascript if (0) is going to be the same as if (false), and if (-1) is the same as if (true). You need to use

if ($.inArray(value, array) >= 0)
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check = function (arr,val)
    for(i = 0; i < arr.length;i++){
         if(arr[i].indexOf(val) != -1){
            return i;           
    return -1;

use it like this check(array,value);

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