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I'm new to IntelliJ IDEA 11. Most of the PHP-Files of my Zend-Project start with something like:

require_once(APPLICATION_PATH . '/businessobjects/Car.php');

The IDE mentions two Warnings on this line:

  • Undefined Constant APPLICATION_PATH
  • Path "businessobjects" not found

As a Consequence, when I hover "new Car()" the IDE tells me "Undefined class Car".

How can I solve this Issue?

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Define the constant APPLICATION_PATH before the require_once() call, and set it to the correct value. define( 'APPLICATION_PATH', 'SOME VALUE');. Unless you're not supposed to be accessing these files directly, and they're supposed to be include()'d from another PHP file that defines the constant. –  nickb Nov 1 '12 at 16:22
IIRC IntelliJ (here: PHPStorm, you might have the PHP Plugin) does not resolve string concatenation to pathnames. So I dunno even if the constant is defined, the problem is solved. But would be nice to know. –  hakre Nov 1 '12 at 16:26
@Hakre It does resolve .. but it works weird (sometimes works, sometimes does not). –  LazyOne Nov 2 '12 at 12:12

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I had another Issue with IntelliJ IDEA which has been discussed here on StackOverflow (IntelliJ did not display any Folders in the Project Tree). After I added all of my Files as one single "WebModule" and IntelliJ finished Indexing all these Folders and Files, it perfectly found the Path to my businessobjects and the Class "Car".

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The path issue is related to the APPLICATION_PATH constant not being defined, as it prepends the path passed to require_once.

Probably, ZEND is expecting you to have defined the APPLICATION_PATH constant, perhaps like this:

define('APPLICATION_PATH', __DIR__);

(See: PHP Magic Constants)

You can also test if that constant is defined, like thus:

if (!defined('APPLICATION_PATH')) {
    // it's not defined, so define it!
} else {
    // proceed as usual

I'm not too familiar with IntelliJ IDEA / Zend, but chances are there is a config file missing which defines the APPLICATION_PATH.

See also: Google search for zend config APPLICATION_PATH

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