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I'm using prettyPhoto plugin for a galery. It comes with FB and Twitter share buttons. However, there's a problem with updating Twitter's share URL when openening new pictures. The URL always points to the first picture opened.

It seems this is a known bug, has someone managed to get around it?

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Okay, I managed to get around this bug by supplying a callback for changepicturecallback option. Inside the callback I then remove Twitter button that was injected by prettyPhoto and initialize a new one with a proper URL.

jQuery(document).ready(function() {      
    theme: 'dark_rounded',
    changepicturecallback: onPictureChanged

  function onPictureChanged() {
    var twitterDiv = jQuery('.twitter');

    jQuery('<a>', {
      'class': 'twitter-share-button',
      'text': 'Tweet',
      'data-url': location.href,
      'data-count': 'none',
      'href': ''      

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