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In mySQL what I am trying to do is to query my table and find out how many people registered each day. In other words, I want to be able to produce the following output for one month:

1 January: 10 registrations
2 January: 150 registrations
3 January: 50  registrations

select created, regID
from registrations  

Dates are in the following format in the DB: 2012-11-01 00:00:00

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To get registration counts for each day of January, use this select:

select daymonth(registration_date), count(*)
from registrations
where registration_date >= '01/01/2012' and registration_date <= '01/31/2012'
group by daymonth(registration_date)
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You usually use a grouping operator:

SELECT COUNT(*) AS registrations, DATE(created) AS created_date GROUP BY created_date

If created is already a DATE column, then the conversion isn't required.

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Try this:

SELECT created, count(regID) FROM registrations GROUP BY created ORDER BY created ASC
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FROM     tableName
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