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I have a little game project that uses a MVC 4 api server, however since I installed windows 8 / VS12 / WP8 SDK I havent been able to access the server from my app in the emulator, I can however access the deployed webserver.

Is there some sort of default firewall that would prevent me from contacting a localhost server? I just get a NotFound exception when I try, the localhost server works fine in my browser to retrieve some xml object

I have the same code working in windows 7 with vs2010 and wp7 sdk.

To connect to the server I use http://restsharp.org/

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The emulator is running in Hyper-V, which is a virtual machine. It runs it's own network, and thus your PCs "localhost" isn't available from inside the virtual machine.

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Right that makes sense, have to configure a IIS then as I wouldnt think the development server will allow outside connections, just troublesome to debug on a "real" iis server compared to the inbuild debugging – Mech0z Nov 1 '12 at 17:38

You don't have to set up a full IIS... you can go about with IIS express ( the visual studio way when you run the Web api solution ).

You need to do 2 things, first one check

http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windowsphone/develop/jj684580(v=vs.105).aspx - only the part called 'Quick solution with IIS Express' ( parts 1 to 4 )

Second one, add a Microsoft Firewall rule to allow access from the VM to the IIS express. Firewall > Advanced Settings > Rules for incoming > New port rule

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