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im trying to send a kinect depthmap to an client via boost asio (without serializtion) is it better to try asynch or synch (for now my approach ist synch):

smthg like this..

const XnDepthPixel* pDepthMap = depth.GetDepthMap();
boost::asio::write (socket, boost::asio::buffer (pDepthMap, sizeof(pDepthMap))); //sizeof isnt right..

XnDepthPixel* depth;
socket.read_some( boost::asio::buffer (&depth, sizeof(XnDepthPixel)* ?? )); //send sizeof(pDepthMap) before..

EDIT: the definition of XnDepthPixel (also from OpenNI):

/** Defines the depth values type (16-bit values). **/
typedef XnUInt16 XnDepthPixel

and XnUInt16:

/** 16-bit unsigned integer. */ 
typedef unsigned short      XnUInt16;
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async or synchronous does not matter. You need to convert a XnDepthPixel object into a stream of bytes. Can you edit the question with the definition for XnDepthPixel? –  Sam Miller Nov 2 '12 at 1:24
ok.. the def. is added.. –  ddd Nov 2 '12 at 9:15

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sizeof(pDepthMap) is just size of the pointer, but what you actually want is to send some structure, not a pointer to it.

Please, take a look at ASIO Serialization example to see how it can be done using Boost.Serialization. If you don't want to use Boost.Serialization, you can "serialize" your structure by your own, in some proprietary way.

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thx for your answer.. serialization lib is no option, i guess.. for now i don't know how to get to real data (not as pointer) so i saved them in an extra array.. seems to work (not so efficient, but with wifi this loop isn't adding any time) –  ddd Nov 4 '12 at 17:19

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