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Is there a way to launch an activity as a new instance with no history?

Tried the following in the manifest file.


I am able to achieve what I need, but as soon as the screen is locked the previous activity is displayed. That's what noHistory is supposed to do, but not what I need.

Keeping the screen on always would not be preferable as it would drain the battery unnecessarily. Is there any other way to start an activity with a new instance and have no history but also work when the screen is locked?

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You can also do that by adding android:noHistory="true"

in your android manifest Activity Tag (ClassName)

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This will start a activity with new information and no history

Intent intent = new Intent(MainActivity.this, TargetActivity.class);
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tried the above with android:launchmode=single_instance as well as nohistory but still am not able to get the desired result. –  banditpoper Nov 5 '12 at 7:02

Try to use this flag in intent.

or Refer This for More Detail


The new activity is not kept in the history stack. As soon as the user navigates away from it, the activity is finished.

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