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My application uses a polymorhpic relationship like so:

class Child < ActiveRecord:Base
  belongs_to :child_owner, polymorphic: true

class Parent < ActiveRecord:Base
  has_many :children, as: :child_owner, dependent: :destroy

This setup works fine. However, when I change the attribute name of :children to a multiword variable like :kids_of_parent, I get an unintialized constant exception (for Parent::KidsOfParent). In my case, the multiword variable would be much more descriptive. What am I doing wrong? Can someone at least confirm this behaviour?



Using Rails 3.2.8 with ruby 1.9.3

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I think you should specify a class when use the name unconventional, like this:

has_many :kids_of_parent, as: :child_owner, class_name: "Child", dependent: :destroy
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ahhh, that makes sense. Can't believe I convinced myself it was the underscore thing. Too long infront of the computer today. –  cgat Nov 1 '12 at 20:24

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