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I have the following method signature in an interface:

public interface ISettingsUtil
    T GetConfig<T>(string setting, dynamic settings);

Which I have attempted to mock:

var settingsUtil = Substitute.For<ISettingsUtil>();
var maxImageSize = settingsUtil.GetConfig<long>("maxImageSize", 

This throws a Microsoft.CSharp.RuntimeBinder.RuntimeBinderException exception on the 2nd line:

'long' does not contain a definition for 'Returns'

Any thoughts on how to mock T GetConfig<T>(string setting, dynamic settings) correctly?

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NSubstitute does not work with members that use dynamic. (Github issue)

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Too bad, NSubstitute was rapidly becoming my favorite - hopefully the issue is resolved soon! – Anders Nov 2 '12 at 14:15

For anyone still struggling with this, you can actually mock dynamics in NSubsitute, it just requires jumping through some minor hoops. See the below case of mocking out calls to a signalR client hub.

The important line is this one:

SubstituteExtensions.Returns(_hubContext.Clients.All, _mockClient);

In order to mock the dynamic I have created an interface with the methods I want to listen for. You then need to use SubstituteExtensions.Returns rather than simply chaining a .Returns at the end of the object.
If you don't need to verify anything you could also use an anonymous object.

Full code sample follows:

public class FooHubFixture
    private IConnectionManager _connectionManager;
    private IHubContext _hubContext;
    private IMockClient _mockClient;

    public void SetUp()
        _hubContext = Substitute.For<IHubContext>();
        _connectionManager = Substitute.For<IConnectionManager>();

        _mockClient = Substitute.For<IMockClient>();
        SubstituteExtensions.Returns(_hubContext.Clients.All, _mockClient);

    public void PushFooUpdateToHub_CallsUpdateFooOnHubClients()
        var fooDto = new FooDto();
        var hub = new FooHub(_connectionManager);

    public interface IMockClient
        void updateFoo(object val);

public class FooHub : Hub
        private readonly IConnectionManager _connectionManager;

        public FooHub(IConnectionManager connectionManager)
            _connectionManager = connectionManager;

        public void PushFooUpdateToHub(FooDto fooDto)
            var context = _connectionManager.GetHubContext<FooHub>();
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Thank you Brett, this was my exact problem, I think I love you! :) – zvolkov Feb 18 '14 at 17:38
Any idea how one would go about using the static Returns method to stub a method returning a dynamic type rather than a property? – Ryan Norbauer Mar 11 '14 at 21:14

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