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First time poster here and I've got a fairly novice question for you. I'd like to write a simple module that lets an administrator in Wordpress turn an HTML snippet on and off with a simple check box. The idea is fairly straight forward. Depending on the weather, his business will either be "In Service" or "Out of Service".

I know this is probably a bit simple for most, but I'm just not stepping into Wordpress and wasnt sure where to begin with something like this. Any direction would be fantastic. Thanks!

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Learn Wordpress and PHP. Sorry to sound harsh, but this really is the only direction at this point. –  Paul Dessert Nov 1 '12 at 17:07
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Why dont you just use a Wordpress Widget. A text display widget ships with Wordpress out of the box.

Here is the WP Codex link explaining Widgets.

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It would probably be easiest to just wrap the html snippet in javascript. I'm not sure the best way to make it "toggleable" though - you might need to code it as an actual plugin and add a page to the control panel with a custom widget.

The good news is that such a plugin should be very easy, even with only basic skills.

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