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I have a playbin2 pipeline playing a video file with multiple tracks. I can change the currently playing track by setting the current-video property:

current-video       : Currently playing video stream (-1 = auto)
                      flags: readable, writable
                      Integer. Range: -1 - 2147483647 Default: -1

However, once I set this, the video hangs and then eventually turns gray. The audio keeps playing. A coworker suggested that flushing the pipeline might fix it, but the only way to do that seems to be seeking to the current position with GST_SEEK_FLAG_FLUSH. Using the seek does work, but it seems messy:

g_object_set(m_playBin, "current-video", video, NULL);
GstClockTime = getCurrentTime();
gst_element_seek(m_playBin, m_player->rate(),
        GST_SEEK_TYPE_SET, clockTime,

Am I doing something wrong when I set the current-video? Is there a simpler way to flush the pipeline?

Note: I'm using an Ogg Theora file for testing since it was easy to build, so I'm not sure if this problem shows up in other formats.

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