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In the following code, I am trying to pack two null-terminated C strings (char pointers) into a Python tuple.

printf("word1 = '%s', word2 = '%s'\n", words1->wordArray[i], words2->wordArray[i]);
cmpArgs = Py_BuildValue("ss", words1->wordArray[i], words2->wordArray[i]);
printf("%s\n", PyString_AsString(PyTuple_GetItem(cmpArgs, 0)));

This produces output like:

word1 = '20', word2 = '20'

Why is the string different in the tuple than outside it? What am I doing wrong? Also, do I need to worry about incrementing and decrementing the reference count of this tuple? (I am creating it to pass to a Python function passed to C as a PyObject*)

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Your code looks correct. Did you #include <Python.h>? Are you compiling with all the warnings turned on (-Wall with gcc)? Sometimes forgetting an #include can cause the generated code to incorrectly pass pointer arguments to variadic functions such as Py_BuildValue. Turning on warnings helps to catch that kind of bug (and many others). – user4815162342 Nov 1 '12 at 18:03
Also, does it help if you replace Py_BuildValue(...) with cmpArgs = PyTuple_New(2); PyTuple_SetItem(cmpArgs, 0, PyString_FromString(words1->wordArray[i]); PyTuple_SetItem(cmpArgs, 1, PyString_FromString(words2->wordArray[i]);? If that helps, it points to Py_BuildValue being borked, likely due to a missing or broken header. – user4815162342 Nov 1 '12 at 18:05
What headers could I need besides <Python.h>? (Which I am including) Trying your code messes up the strings horribly and causes it to go into an infinite loop. Could I be counting references incorrectly? – dpitch40 Nov 1 '12 at 18:45
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I think I got it--I was previously storing the words in a weird way using stack space. I started manually allocating space on the heap for them which seems to have fixed it.

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