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I found Flash Player 10 supports VoIP but I couldn't find serious documentation about this feature. Could you post some decent link? :-)

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The voip support isn't through a standard like SIP, instead it is done through RTMFP a new protocol developed by Adobe. Also, the Flash player can not go directly peer-to-peer, instead a server is needed to intiate the peer-to-peer connection (currently called Stratus). You can read more about Stratus on Adobe Labs.

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Hi and thanks for your kind reply. I must add in my Flash 11 WishList the connection over XMPP/Jingle, I can't understand why Adobe develops new protocols when there are things like Jabber... – vyger Aug 24 '09 at 19:37

correct answer provided by Branden ...

in response to a similar question, i gave a short summary of how flash p2p works, just in case you need to evaluate, whether what you are planning to do is feasible at all ...

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