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I'd like to use lftp in the beginning of a bash script, but how do I exit lftp without stopping the script from processing? I've tried ending the lftp part with "exit", "quit", and "bye", but they all stop the script.

Previously, I split into two scripts and cron'ed them to run in the right order. Is it possible to combine them into one script?

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FYI, since you've solved your problem, you can post your solution as an answer. :-) – ruakh Nov 1 '12 at 19:40
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Or more explicitly, use << EOF.


#CMP 01.04.2013
#<<EOF below is the functional equivalent of hitting .Enter. on your keyboard.
#It allows the rest of the commands to be executed once connected

lftp -e 'mirror -R /home/pi/LocalDirToMirror ~/TargetDir' -u YourUsername,YourPassword  ftp://FTP_URL_Location <<EOF
quit 0
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End the LFTP part of the script with EOF, on its own line. That's all you need to do!

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