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(Using PyDev 2.7.1)

Code completion from imported libraries is wondrous. What I would like to know is what I have to provide in my own imports to get the nice help display that I see with some of the built-in libraries such as math. For example, while using import math, clicking on the cos entry in the function list displays the following help text in the help box (sorry, I am too new to display images):


Return the cosine of x (measured in radians).

This is very nice. When importing my own code I see the actual code in the help box:

def encode(s):
    if s.isalpha():
        n = ALPHA.find(s.upper())
        n = (n + SHIFT) % ALPHA_SIZE

which is not quite as nice. I've tried various documentation techniques, but I am clearly missing something. How do I have to set up my documentation / docstrings / whatever in my imported code in order to get the same look as with the math library?


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