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Hi I have a site develop in cakephp, in a page I have an input type text where a user can insert string like "ban" I make a query to the database to retrieve the data to obtain record which contain that string (in the example: "banana", "banned"...). Every time that the user digit another letter I make another query to retrieve data which containt taht string every time. The query is done in jquery every time that a user press a letter. I have for example 1 milion of record into my table and I don't know if a user start to digit letter if this solution is fast. Another solution is: when I open that page I make a query to find all record and put it into an array. every time that a user digit a letter I search that string into the array to obtain a subarray with the result.

Which is the best solution in terms of speed, RAM. Consider that in that table I can have 1 milion of record and many user can enter into that page simultaneously. My database is MYSQL.

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I'd just suggest a simple search button is the easiest solution and saves the most resources for your server but there are tutorials out there. I think this one might give you some ideas Remember to have a min letter of like 3-4 to reduce queries and caching sounds like a must.

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The tutorial provided does not talk about servers, speed, or anything related to the question other than "how to implement an autocomplete" - am I missing something? – Dave Nov 1 '12 at 20:55
No, you don't. There is just a tutorial. I've answered you about speed comparison. – Hast Nov 2 '12 at 16:36

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