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I'm doing some controllers to render reports and here is my problem:

The user open a page with a form which let it change the download format and the date of the report.

The download format is set trough a select input.

When the user press the button I want to response depending on the selected format.

The problem is that it's specified trough the url. So trying to do something like:

case format
when "xlsx" then format.xlsx{...}
when "html" then format.html{...}

doesn't work because rails or the browser (I'm not sure) expects an html response.

I've though of two options:

  1. Change the url of the form onsubmit which makes the application more dependent on javascript. Or.

  2. redirect_to url + ".#{params[:download_format]}"

The second way looks better to me but I need to pass the :report_date in the url and I can't find the way to do it.

I've tried this:

url = my_custom_url_path
redirect_to url + ".#{params[:download_format]}", :date_format => params[:date_format]

But it's not working.

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Maybe this link can help you somehow:

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In the form:

<%= :download_format, { "xlsx" => "xlsx, "Online" => "html" } %>

In the controller:

def action
    if download_format = params[:download_format].delete
        redirect_to my_action_path(options.merge( :format => download_format ) ) and return
    # do some logic here
    respond_to do |format|
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