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I have my app ready for translation but unfortunately I developed it using 'en', 'de' and 'pl' language shortcuts instead of 'eng', 'ger' and 'pol'. Now I see that when I do Configure::write('Config.language','pl') cake doesn't want to read translations from App/Locale/pl/LC_MESSAGES/default.po - but it works with pol for example. The problem is that all my links, interniationalized files and so on are using 'en','de','pl' - I can't just change it to 'eng', 'pol' and so on... How I can force cake to use my configuration?

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You can use 2 letter language code for Config.language configuration value and your urls. But name your locale folders using the corresponding 3 letter code. So for your language codes 'en', 'de', 'pl' the folders would be Locale/eng, Locale/deu, Locale/pol respectively. Cake will properly look in the corresponding folder for translation files.

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