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I have the following powershell to output a list of IP addresses for failed logon events:

$DT = [DateTime]::Now.AddDays(-1) # check only last 24 hours

$l = Get-EventLog -LogName 'Security' -InstanceId 4625 -After $DT | Select-Object @{n='IpAddress';e={$_.ReplacementStrings[-2]} }
$g = $l | group-object -property IpAddress  | where {$_.Count -gt 20} | Select -property Name | export-csv c:\users\export.csv

I'd really like to improve it so it outputs the IP address like it is now, plus the $_.Count. I've tried a few things but I think I'm stuck in SQL world!

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I think all you need to do is, in the second pipeline, replace

Select -property Name


Select -property Name, Count

(But I would check by looking at the properties on the objects returned from the group-object with get-member first.)

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