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Autofac.Integration.Web.Mvc dll in autofac version had a class AutofacControllerFactory defined as

 public class AutofacControllerFactory : DefaultControllerFactory
        public AutofacControllerFactory(IContainerProvider containerProvider);

        protected override IController GetControllerInstance(RequestContext context, Type controllerType);
        public override void ReleaseController(IController controller);

The latest version of autofac ( doesn't have Autofac.Integration.Web.Mvc, but instead is has Autofac.Integration.Mvc. However this dll doesnot have a AutofacControllerFactory class. The dll Autofac.Integration.Mvc has a class called AutofacDependencyResolver defined as

public class AutofacDependencyResolver : IDependencyResolver
    public AutofacDependencyResolver(ILifetimeScope container);
    public AutofacDependencyResolver(ILifetimeScope container, Action<ContainerBuilder> configurationAction);
    public AutofacDependencyResolver(ILifetimeScope container, ILifetimeScopeProvider lifetimeScopeProvider);
    public AutofacDependencyResolver(ILifetimeScope container, ILifetimeScopeProvider lifetimeScopeProvider, Action<ContainerBuilder> configurationAction);

    public ILifetimeScope ApplicationContainer { get; }
    public static AutofacDependencyResolver Current { get; }
    public ILifetimeScope RequestLifetimeScope { get; }

    public object GetService(Type serviceType);
    public IEnumerable<object> GetServices(Type serviceType);

What is the replacement for AutofacControllerFactory in the latest version of Autofac?

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There is no replacement for AutofacControllerFactory. Instead, use the DependencyResolver.

The Autofac wiki has documentation on the new way to integrate with later versions of ASP.NET MVC. That wiki page includes a link to a sample application where you can see real working code.

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I believe this is from changes to the API of MVC through the versions. In MVC 3/4, believe all you need to put in your Application_Start is:

DependencyResolver.SetResolver(new AutofacDependencyResolver(container));
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