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So what I am looking is some sort of literature that is pointed at the beginner software tester. I find a lot of academic papers are very far from my writing style and I find it difficult to cope and take it all in.

I have a small program that needs testing (this is university coursework hense asking quite a subjective question as not to get too much help and not learn anything).

I am trying to work out the best methods to use, I understand the basic concepts of partitioning, boundries, combinational but cant find enough literature that is simple enough for me to get though to further my knowledge.

Thanks guys, and sorry if this question is too subjective and becomes closed, I am trying desperately to learn but need to develop my reading styles!

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There is a software testing course in www.udacity.com. That might help you.

But it needs a little bit of coding (although, very simple - in python). Anyway, I've found there are a lot of things to find if you only know what to look for.

Try searching online for blogs written by software testers (I found some posts that taught me something new).

Also, i would like to share with you my learning - Cross-Browser testing, Compatibility testing, and Data Integration testing are very, very important while testing an application

An application might work perfect while unit testing, but you might still find some very critical bugs while performing Integration testing on it.

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