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I need to display the log entries from a database. Of course the log data is huge, so I have to show the results on several pages, and that **without** getting **all** the log data at once, but as the user navigates through the pages.

I know about DisplayTag and TableTags, but it seems to me that they both fetch all the data before applying pagination.

Before I start developing my own JSP tag, does anyone know of a 3rd party solution for this problem?


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About DisplayTag: it does support Value List design pattern.

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Best solution on this is Jmesa

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Inside your JSP is not really the good place to solve the whole problem. In a typical layered approach, you separate the presentation (JSP here) from the data access (where you do your query).

Your displaytag/jsp tag should pass to the data access layer which page it wants (eg I need the next 30 and am on page 5), and your data access layer then takes care of a paginated query.

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