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Dijkstra was one of the most prolific computer scientists. He wrote the famous EWDs. It is not feasible to read them all. But I think there are some we all must read.

Which of them are a must-read?

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Funny. I blogged about this: The E. W. Dijkstra Archive (Update). I think this may be pretty important, because it parallels the A Discipline of Programming book.

See also EWD316, A Short Introduction to the Art of Programming.

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I recommend starting with his chapter in "Structured Programming". Not an EWD, technically, but my favorite Dijkstra. I also strongly recommend Stepanov's "Elements of Programming". In my mind, Stepanov is our generation's Dijkstra.

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I've you've not been introduced to it in a formal setting (i.e. at school or university), you can probably benefit from exposure to Dijkstra's method of program construction, a very rigid but powerful technique for documenting and making accountable one's thought processes when designing programs and algorithms.

A discipline of programming would probably be a good start (as would Roland Backhouse's Program Construction), but I think in terms of pure impact, it's best to see someone skilled in the technique use it to good effect. His lecture The power of counting arguments (hosted at the University of Texas) is a good demonstration for this purpose.

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+1: Also David Gries' Scientific Programming. – S.Lott Aug 23 '09 at 13:34

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