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Is there a syntactical reason that the following would not execute?

$final_scores = ORM::factory('fscores');
$final_scores->userid = $userid;
$final_scores->es1 = $self_awr;
$final_scores->es2 = $self_mgt;
$final_scores->es3 = $social_awr;
$final_scores->es4 = $rel_mgt;

There's a model named fscores. All of the field names are correct. It's not updating the table at all.

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For updating you need to select the model first. –  zerkms Nov 1 '12 at 19:30
Yes, model must be loaded before updating. –  biakaveron Nov 2 '12 at 7:56

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As mentioned in the comments - if you want to update, load the record first:

$final_scores = ORM::factory('fscores', $your_id_for_update);

If you don't load it, save method will try to create the record:

public function save(Validation $validation = NULL)
    return $this->loaded() ? $this->update($validation) : $this->create($validation);

Also if you know you're going to update, make it expicit:

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