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The following case compiles fine in MS Visual Studio, but not in g++ 4.6.


    template <typename T>
    struct get_type
    { typedef void type_;};

template <>
    struct get_type<float>
    { typedef float type_; };

template <>
    struct get_type<int>
    { typedef int type_; };

template <typename T, typename P=get_type<T>::type_> // <--- line 16
    struct get_destroy_type
    { static inline void exec(P a) {} };

Results in:

../testlibrary/testlibrary.h:16:34: error: expected type-specifier
../testlibrary/testlibrary.h:16:34: error: expected ‘>’

Doesn't seem to like it when I use


as the template argument default. MS Visual Studio (Express 10) compiles this fine. What changes can I make to get g++ to compile this?

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Thank you very much for the answer. That fixed it. –  MSUdom5 Nov 2 '12 at 13:25

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Use typename to disambiguate:

template <typename T, typename P = typename get_type<T>::type_>
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Some things to note: G++ 4.7 likely has a better error message, VS2012 will (correctly) fail to compile, and Clang almost certainly has a better error message. I would recommend upgrading your compiler. –  moswald Nov 1 '12 at 19:30

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