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I have a left-hand navigation within my iFrame, with two items, switching between two pages. Sometimes there's a white flash, sometimes there isn't.

Some of the methods I've tried so far:

<iframe style="visibility:hidden;" onload=" = 'visible';">

Did not do the trick.


jQuery('#primary a').click(function(){ 

Also did not do the trick. Any other method I've tried out has appeared to be outdated. What's puzzling me is that these above 2 solutions have many comments/feedback saying they work, but in Chrome - the only browser I've tested this in so far - I am still having this issue.

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If you want to avoid the 'white flash', don't navigate using links to HTML pages, but put both pages into 2 <div>s and switch between them (this also allows for pretty animations).

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I had a similar problem with iframes that were dynamically generated. On Chrome, toggling visibility removed the white flash, but there was still flickering. On Safari, toggling display actually introduced a related iframe repaint bug.

What ended up working for me was toggling opacity:

<iframe style="opacity: 0;" onload=" = 1;">`
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just give style="background-color: #000000;" to html tag

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