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rgb = imread('peppers.png');

When i put this the image is grey, not green or blue or red. Why is that?
Am I doing something wrong?

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The image is grey because you are looking at values for only one color, MATLAB sees values for a color, but there is no way for it to know what color it is, which is why it displays grey.

As an example, what color is the value 154? When you pass just a matrix of values into imshow it will show it in grey scale.

imshow(rgb(:,:,1)); %Shows the values of the red component of the image in grey

rgb = imread('peppers.png');
r = rgb;
r(:,:,2:3) = 0; % The red component without the other components
g = rgb;
g(:,:,1:2:3) = 0; % The green component without the other components
b = rgb;
b(:,:,1:2) = 0; % The blue component without the other components

Doing the above will allow you to see the representation of the magnitudes of the colors in their own color value.

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So, i supose that i need to specified map of colors. I need to say to him that 0 is blue and 255 is white. Thanks, i supose that i need to post other question how to do that. O.o Thankyou – user1792426 Nov 1 '12 at 20:02
@user1792426 No that's incorrect...wait 1 minute and I'll post a note on the answer. – NominSim Nov 1 '12 at 20:03
I thought this because if a made im(:,:,2:3) = 0; imshow(im); this is show properly. The only diference is the map of colors. I supose... – user1792426 Nov 1 '12 at 20:10
@user1792426 You're correct, I must not have understood your first comment. I updated the answer to reflect how to get the r, g, and b images (in their respective colors). – NominSim Nov 1 '12 at 20:17

If you want to only display one color channel, set the other color channels to zero:

peppers = imread('peppers.png');
onlyred_peppers = peppers;

enter image description here

If you feed imshow only peppers(:,:,1), you're giving it just a NxMx1 matrix, which is interpreted by imshow as grayscale, see here.

If you really want, you can change the colormap to change the grayscale image to redscale:

cm_red = [linspace(0,1,256)' zeros(256,2)];

which will give you the same image as above.

If you also want to scale the color span in the image you load to use the full available span (0-1 / 0-255), you can do that with:

red_scaled_peppers = peppers(:,:,1);
red_scaled_peppers = double(red_scaled_peppers)/double(max(red_scaled_peppers(:)));
colormap([linspace(0,1,256)' zeros(256,2)]);

which makes no difference, because in this case, red channel color span is already maxed out.

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thank you, but i know that. I just dont know if because the map of colors or not.@NominSim says that the difference is not that i supose Im just waiting for his note. Thank you – user1792426 Nov 1 '12 at 20:17
look at my last remark, I'll also add something about changing the colormap – Gunther Struyf Nov 1 '12 at 20:18
yes i figureout this solution too. But the problem of use colormap is that you can jump color for example i do this: colormap([[0:1/255:1]', zeros(256,1), zeros(256,1)]) So my step of color is 1/255 but may be the real image for blue or green or red has color with a diference less than 1/255. – user1792426 Nov 1 '12 at 20:45
that depends on the image you load, type double will assume channel intensity between 0 and 1, type uint is 0 to 255. For this reason alone just working on the original image is best. I think you also mean that you want to scale the total color span to use the total available scale, ie if the image contains color values 0-200, scale it so it displays as 0-255, see edit for that ;) – Gunther Struyf Nov 1 '12 at 21:37

The RGB color model represents color by "mixing" the red, green and blue colors in some proportion. All you need to know is a color is represented by 3 numbers.

Therefore, your rgb image is represented by 3 matrices where rgb(:,:,1) represents the red layer. Now, if you looked at rgb(:,:,1) you'd see a bunch of numbers (probably between 0 - 255 or 0 - 1).

So element rgb(i,j,1) represents the red component at pixel (i,j). Therefore, displaying the matrix rgb(:,:,1) merely displays a matrix with a bunch of values which is displayed as grayscale (where 0 = black and 255 = white).

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