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Hey guys! i just want to know if you know any free image upload script where you upload your images temporary. I need the image files to be deleted over time.

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Uploaded where? With what? –  Nifle Aug 23 '09 at 13:56
The context is lacking, to say the least. Which operating system? Is it to be run from a web page? If so, which language.. Take a step back and re-read your question. Details is everything. OctaneFX took a guess at php/web page, but who really knows? –  Jay Aug 30 '09 at 1:41

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There is no such a way/method/script. Write a code which delete image files once they are no longer needed.

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Automatic? No way, you can aways use like this simple example:

$sql = "DELETE FROM imagens WHERE img_id=".$id;
$exe=mysql_query($sql, $conect);
if($exe) unlink($_GET['arq']); 
mysql_close ($conect);

look, in a effective system, you need moore checks for a secure code :)

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