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Currently i develop an rest-api-app with symfony2 and doctrine2. My API should has the functionality to filter the results by an querystring. For example, the following url: http://example.com/api/users?orderBy=username%20DESC&limit=20

I can parse the querystring with parse_str($this->getRequest()->getQueryString(), $queryString); to an assoc array. Is there any function that i can commit the array and doctrine selects the corresponding results? Something like $users = $this->getDoctrine()->getRepository('UserBundle:User')->findByQueryString($queryString);

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As AdrienBrault said don't use parse_str instead put this in your controller:

$orderBy = $this->get('request')->query->get('orderBy');
$limit = $this->get('request')->query->get('limit');
$rep = $this->getDoctrine()->getRepository('UserBundle:User');
$users = $rep->findLimitOrderBy($orderBy, $limit);

And inside your user repository class:

public function findLimitOrderBy($orderBy, $limit)
$query = $this->getEntityManager()
    SELECT u FROM UserBundle:User u
    ORDER BY u.'.$orderBy

    return $query->getResult();
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You shouldn't use parse_str to access the query string parameters.

You can access the ParametersBag with $request->query. You could get an array with $request->query->all().

You can use the findBy method of the repository, that accepts an array with the following format:

    'field' => 'value',
    'field2' => 'value2',

So you could do

$users = $userRepository->findBy($request->query->all());

But it won't support the orderBy parameter.

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