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Is there a way to change id values in Django ChoiceField forms?

For example I'd like my ChoiceField ids to output in the format id="rating#" where # is an incrementing number. I assume you change the widget attributes for id, but how would I get the incrementing number in the id?


<label for="id_rating_0"><input type="radio" id="rating1" value="1" name="rating" /> </label>

<label for="id_rating_1"><input type="radio" id="rating2" value="2" name="rating" /> </label>

<label for="id_rating_2"><input type="radio" id="rating3" value="3" name="rating" /> </label>

<label for="id_rating_3"><input type="radio" id="rating4" value="4" name="rating" /> </label>

<label for="id_rating_4"><input type="radio" id="rating5" value="5" name="rating" /> </label>
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If the auto_id form parameter doesn't do what you want, then I'm afraid I don't know what will:


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Why don't you use a forloop to render the choices manually

<elem id="whatever_{{ forloop.counter }}"/>

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