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Can you please explain the relationship between the User_ and Contact_ tables of Liferay lportal database. I understand that there will there be only one row entry per user in the User_ table, will the Contact_ table also have only one entry per user ? I saw multiple entries for a single userId in Contact_ table with different contactId's how is it possible ? When I created a user I observed that it created one row entry in each of the User_ and Contact_ table.

Please help..

Thanks -H

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If you generate ER diagram for these 2 tables, there are no relationship between them. In general, in Liferay, tables like USER_, CONTACT_ are not mapped to one another. Whereas tables like USERS_ROLES, USERS_GROUPS etc are mapped ones. If you are registering a User as Liferay Admin,details that you specify there like Birthday, Job title are stored in CONTACT_ table. If you are doing User Registration through Liferay API like addUser method(There are different flavours of addUser method), then some of the parameters that you send in addUser method are stored in CONTACT_ table –  Vikas V Nov 2 '12 at 13:15
I have got till now only 1 entry for CONTACT_ table when I registered a User from addUser API(Not through Admin port). USERID in USER_ table maps to USERID in CONTACT_ table. So, if there is 1 entry in USER_ table, then even in CONTACT_ table there should be only 1 entry. Can you explain in what way you are able to get 2 entries in CONTACT_ table and only 1 entry in USER_ table? –  Vikas V Nov 2 '12 at 13:19
Have to second @VikasV, I've been trying to figure out how you were able to add a second record. The only conclusion I was able to make is that it was added by a plugin. –  rp. Nov 2 '12 at 19:11

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