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I'm implementing a feature where users can share photos on Facebook from an iOS app. The presentShareDialogModallyFrom method looks promising however I'm having trouble using it. Specifically I don't know what to #import if anything. Also I'm not sure if I need to add additional frameworks.

Integrating Twitter was pretty easy: just add the Twitter framework and import the relevant header file.

What do I need to import/add to my iOS 6 app in order to use FBNativeDialogs?

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According to the Facebook SDK documentation, you should have Social.framework, Accounts.framework, and AdSupport.framework in your Linked Frameworks and Libraries. If you support any iOS below version 6.0, they should be Optional instead of Required.

In the class where you wish to use the presentShareDialogModallyFrom function, add #import <FacebookSDK/FacebookSDK.h>.

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