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How can I send an Object from a SOAP Handler to the web service? I know I can modify the SOAP message but I'm trying to send the whole SOAP message back. In the web service I don't have access to the SOAP envelope. Also, this is implementing a wsdl and I can't change the parameter type which is a particular kind of XML. So I'm thinking of using some kind of parallel messaging mechanism between the SOAP Handler and the web service.

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In the SOAP Handler,

public boolean handleMessage(SOAPMessageContext mc) {
ByteArrayOutputStream out = new ByteArrayOutputStream();
SOAPMessage soapMsg = mc.getMessage();

mc.put("soapMsg", out); 
mc.setScope("soapMsg", MessageContext.Scope.APPLICATION);  

In the Web Service:

MessageContext messageCtx = context.getMessageContext();
String doc = (messageCtx.get("soapMsg")).toString();
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