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I have some anchor links which has id's starts with "menu-".

<a href="" id="menu-alphabetic">
<a href="" id="menu-city">
<a href="" id="menu-country">

In my jquery code, I want to take only anchor links' ids after menu-

For example:

But $(this) takes all id. I want only word which comes after menu-.

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Use .split()


   $('#' + this.id.split('-')[1]).tab('show');

Also your HTML is not well Formed..

<a href="" id="menu-alphabetic">menu-alphabetic</a>
<a href="" id="menu-city">menu-city</a>
<a href="" id="menu-country">menu-country</a>

Check Fiddle

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I think you want something like

$("#" + this.id.replace('menu-', '')).tab('show');
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You need to get the value for the id attribute, then parse the resulting string to get your desired result. From your particular problem, this would be done with something like:


    var raw_title = $(this).attr('id');
    raw_title = raw_title.replace('menu-','');

    // outputs whatever is after 'menu-' in the id attribute

});  ​

You can see it in action in this jsFiddle I made for it.

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