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I want to test that my edit recipe page renders using rspec, though it doesn’t route to


it routes to recipes/id/edit (id being replaced with a number)

my current test looks like this

 describe "Show Edit Recipe Page" do

  it "should display edit recipe  page" do
    get :edit
    response.should be_success
    response.should render_template(:edit)

how can i test this page correctly, at the moment my tests are failing

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Your example doesn't include the code needed to actually test a controller object. RecipeController is not defined in your spec.


Make sure your controller specs live under spec/controllers or have an explicit type: :controller set. Then, actually describe a controller, either using the implicit subject or by setting up a controller instance in a before or test block. As the most basic example:

describe RecipeController do
  # test something using the implied RecipeController.new

More Reading

RSpec Controller Specs

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The get needs the id of the recipe passed in the params hash:

let(:recipe) { Factory.create(:recipe) }

it "should display edit recipe page" do
  get :edit, :id => recipe.id
  response.should be_success
  response.should render_template(:edit)
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This doesn't work for me. It throws an ArgumentError: bad argument (expected URI object or URI string) –  dcow Nov 6 '12 at 8:51

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