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I want to run a command in terminal and capture output so I'm using

my $output = `command`;

The problem is the command has syntax highlighting so then I do print later on I loose the syntax highlighting and instead get things such as

print $output; 


 ←[31merror←[39m ←[

How can I either get the command without syntax highlighting or somehow get the syntax highlighting to display on print.

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Some commands (e.g. grep) have switches to turn the highlighting on/off. –  choroba Nov 1 '12 at 21:46

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Try this to remove the ANSI color escapes from the shell output:

my $output = `command`;
my $output =~ s/\e\[[\d;]*m//g;
print "$output","\n";

If you want to remove all ANSI escape-sequences, then replace the regexp with:

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