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I want to use a Wpf RichTextBox to edit data and resave it to SQL field. I need of course the text to be saved as rich text, not just simple text of course.

  1. What data-type should be best for storing in SQL server (2005 - forget about file stream)?
  2. How do I save/retrieve it?
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You can save the document to a XAML string using XamlWriter :

        StringWriter wr = new StringWriter();
        XamlWriter.Save(richTextBox.Document, wr);
        string xaml = wr.ToString();

You can then save the XAML string to a the database like any other text.

To reload it from a XAML string, use XamlReader :

        FlowDocument doc = XamlReader.Parse(xaml) as  FlowDocument;
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The datatype in SQL should probably be NVARCHAR(MAX): Nvarchar means you can store unicode, and MAX means you can store unlimited amounts, (well up to 2GB anyway) of data.

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Would you recoment to save it varbinary? –  Shimmy Aug 24 '09 at 0:53
varbinary is typicaly for images, or other byte streams. –  edosoft Aug 24 '09 at 6:48
What is better for performance? I am not sure if images will be needed. But if varbinary's performance usage <= varchar, than I prefer varchar, cuz I want to make it harded to read the sql raw data. The thing is I donno how to exrecat/load the FlowDocument from byte[] –  Shimmy Sep 7 '09 at 4:59

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