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I am working on this nested cursor. My update statement in the major_cursor is not updating the table. I know that all the looping is working because the print statements print what expect, but nothing is updating in edu_suffix_stage_test. I am hoping some one has a suggestion!

For each id, there is row of data for a major, and the year that degree was obtained. I need to string them together.

For example REID 10013 has two records for two degrees:

Civil Engineering in '38, and Civil Engineering in '41.

I need to build the edusuffix so it is equal to "Civil Engineering'38, Civil Engineering in '41". I need one edusuffix per reid in the end, in edu_suffix_stage_test.


Here's my code:

DECLARE @reid_outside nvarchar(20), @major nvarchar(50), @classof nvarchar(5),
 @edusuffix_inside varchar(80), @note nvarchar(50), @reid_inside nvarchar(20),
@edusuffix_outside varchar(80)

DECLARE education_cursor CURSOR FOR 
SELECT  reid, edusuffix
FROM edu_suffix_stage_test
where reid < 1005
--ORDER BY reid

OPEN education_cursor

FETCH NEXT FROM education_cursor 
INTO @reid_outside, @edusuffix_outside


    SELECT @note = 'building edusuffix for ' 
    PRINT @note
    PRINT @reid_outside

    -- Declare an inner cursor based   
    -- on reid from the outer cursor.

    DECLARE major_cursor CURSOR FOR 
    SELECT v.reid, 
    v.EduMajor, v.EduClassOF
    FROM  re_education v
   WHERE v.REID = @reid_outside  -- Variable value from the outer cursor 
--order by v.REID 
FOR UPDATE of edusuffix

    OPEN major_cursor
    FETCH NEXT FROM major_cursor INTO @reid_inside, @major, @classof


        SELECT @edusuffix_inside = @major +' '+ @classof +', '
        PRINT @edusuffix_inside

    update edu_suffix_stage_test
    set edusuffix = case when @edusuffix_outside = null then ''+ @edusuffix_inside 
            else @edusuffix_outside + ', '+@edusuffix_inside end
    from edu_suffix_stage_test a
where  -- a.reid = @reid_inside
current of education_cursor
Print ' updated edusuffix'

        FETCH NEXT FROM major_cursor INTO @reid_inside, @major, @classof

    CLOSE major_cursor
    DEALLOCATE major_cursor

    FETCH NEXT FROM education_cursor 
    INTO @reid_outside, @edusuffix_outside
CLOSE education_cursor
DEALLOCATE education_cursor
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I've never used updatable cursors and so, I may be wrong, but shouldn't FOR UPDATE of edusuffix be part of the first (outer) cursor? Also, you are updating edu_suffix_stage_test in the inner loop (the major_cursor loop), which means you may be updating the same edu_suffix_stage_test row more than once (because the condition is where current of education_cursor and the education_cursor doesn't move while in the inner loop) – is that by design? – Andriy M Nov 2 '12 at 7:39

Actually there is nothing wrong with the cursors. My update statement is faulty! I don't know what I was thinking, comparing a null that way won't work. I am working on a better case statement too, and will use the isnull(). I will post it when I am done.

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Here is my code that works. – user1792665 Dec 6 '12 at 23:08

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