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To get a file, the Method looks like this:

$ftprequest.Method = [System.Net.WebRequestMethods+Ftp]::DownloadFile  

So, I am trying to change the Method to be equivalent to the C# code below:

request.Method = System.Net.WebRequestMethods.Ftp.GetDateTimestamp;

How can I use GetDateTimestamp in powershell?

I have tried the following variations without any luck yet:

$ftprequest.Method = [System.Net.WebRequestMethods+Ftp.GetDateTimestamp]
$ftprequest.Method = [System.Net.WebRequestMethods+Ftp+GetDateTimestamp]
$ftprequest.Method = [System.Net.WebRequestMethods.Ftp.GetDateTimestamp]
$ftprequest.Method = [System.Net.WebRequestMethods.Ftp+GetDateTimestamp]

bonus question: what is the :: mean on the first code example mean?


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This seems to work:

$ftprequest.Method = [System.Net.WebRequestMethods+Ftp]::GetDateTimestamp

:: is to access shared/static members, which GetDateTimeStamp is.

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Thanks, that did it. And thanks for the explanation about the :: –  M Akin Nov 2 '12 at 12:42

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