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I would like to fill in the empty spaces of a csv column and its in one column using phpexcel I have added a demo for your viewing: The flow check B2 is its not empty go the next B3 if B3 is empty take value from B2.

Here is my attempt could put my code snip but i have posted the same post with a demo and my attemp.

PHP Excel fill in Empty Cells.

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PHPExcel doesn't provide any built-in function for this: it will only change the content of a cell if you explicitly tell it to do so. You'll need to iterate through the worksheet testing for cells that contain a NULL or empty string, and populate them with the value that you want before saving to CSV.

Something like:

for ($i=2;$i<$highestRow;$i++) {
    $colB = $objPHPExcel->getActiveSheet()->getCell('B'.$i)->getValue();
    if ($colB == NULL || $colB == '') {
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