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I am trying to create an Hybrid App with open community forums (yetanotherforum) which is written in ASP.Net as the base and all my extensions would be written in MVC.

I added all the references & applied tweaks to web.config and global.asax and now I can run both .aspx and mvc pages fine.

But when I tried to embed UserControls defined in Asp.net into MVC razor pages by using the following line of code :


And it is throwing an Error as follows:

The view at '~/pages/login.ascx' must derive from ViewPage, ViewPage<TModel>, ViewUserControl, or ViewUserControl<TModel>.

Is it possible to render .net web controls in the MVC Pages?


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there is a post with demo code for this here, but it is written in chinese language. may be you can read via google translating service. You can also download the code at the end of the post:

the link to the demo code is: here

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