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Ok, so I'm making an online FPS in Unity and I was scripting that Photon Networking Script to connect and spawn the player and I keep getting these two errors:

Assets/Resources/GameManager.cs(64,23): error CS1502: The best overloaded method match for `PhotonNetwork.Instantiate(string, UnityEngine.Vector3, UnityEngine.Quaternion, int)' has some invalid arguments

Assets/Resources/GameManager.cs(64,23): error CS1503: Argument `#1' cannot convert `UnityEngine.Transform' expression to type `string'

Here is where the error is in my code:

    // When Connected [Photon Callback]
void OnJoinedRoom()
    PhotonNetwork.Instantiate(playerPrefab, transform.position, Quaternion.identity, 0);

//In Game: Disconnect from room.
void InGameGUI()
    if (GUILayout.Button("Leave Game"))


And I did reference the Transform at the top:

public Transform playerPrefab;

Any ideas on what I did wrong and how I could fix it. Please help!

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PhotonNetwork.Instantiate requires a string, not a Transform object as it's first parameter. (I do believe this was changed from a Transform object a while ago). Simply name the prefab that you want to instantiate (which must be in the Resources folder).

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