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I want to implement silverlight's localmessaging using async await.

Lets say I created a method, ListenTask(), that returns a message wrapped in a Task using LocalMessageReceiver's Listen method and Message Received event. How can I use async await and process messages as I receive them?

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Since you're expecting many messages, not just one, this is likely a better fit for Reactive Extensions - Observable.FromEvent and then subscribe. Task is a good fit for a single future value, IObservable is a good fit for a 'stream' of future values.

With Rx 2.0, you can use await with observables if you wish.

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James Manning's answer is a good one; however if you did want to use async/await you can certainly use the Dataflow library to accomplish 'streamed' asynchronous message passing quite robustly.

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Thank you but I don't want to use an other library. I was trying out something with async/await itself. – sonu Nov 8 '12 at 22:58

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