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Is it possible to make GoogleTest output an xml file by asking it to, in main() ?

I know I can change the system environment variables (does anybody actually do that ?), or use a command line argument


What I would like to do is have my program automatically generate the xml, every time, using a file name based on the project name. And of course - it would not happen on my computer...

I looked in InitGoogleTest, but I can't see anything I can touch.

(I would like to write actual code, not run my program in a postbuild).

Are there any options for this ?

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You can simply assign GTEST_FLAG(output) = "xml:_path_to_output_file_";. If you do that before invoking InitGoogleTest, it will act as a default. If you do that after invoking InitGoogleTest, it will override any --gtest_output value you provide in the command line.

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