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I'm currently looking for the best solution to limit the number of requests to a function.


function CheckData() {
    if (d == "newdata") {

function GetData(getcheck) {
    // Ajax Request here

The solution I am looking for is a way so that when CheckData calls GetData is there a way to limit how often it can call GetData, or better still if there is a bulk of requests that has suddenly come through, is there a way to make it say only get the last request? So basically can it check the frequency of requests so that you can say its stopped a bulk of requests send the last one now?

I am just looking for a way to limit how often CheckData can call GetData but the best possible way to minimize wait.

I have looked at a few solutions and I am not sure how to apply it to this situation.

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Option 1
Usuals pattern to limit the number of time a function can be called are:

throttle and debounce

(You can also see similar implementation in underscore.js)

Option 2
Although for ajax, you could create a queue system to limit one request at a time on the same ressources.

Option 3
Or, if your function always get the same ressources, just check if the request is over or not:

var GetData = (function() {
    var running = false;
    return function(getcheck) {
        // exit if ajax is running
        if ( running ) { return; }

        running = true;

        $.ajax(/* go */)
            .done(function() {
                /* do stuff with data */

                // call it over
                running = false;

function CheckData() {
    if (d == "newdata") {
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Hmm I am not sure what is the best option :S.. Its basically to limit requests to get new shouts. I want it to check for them every sec but not burst requests if there is a bunch of them in 1 go. This line is giving me error in javascript? // exit if ajax is running running && return; Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected identifier –  oOo--STAR--oOo Nov 2 '12 at 2:12
Well, it's hard to tell you the best option without more detail on your application use case. Option one will limit number of call to a function per seconds, or will limit to one function call per "call bunch". Read doc here for more about those: underscorejs.org/#throttle. Option 2 would basically cache server response which don't seems like what you need. And Option 3 will only allow one server call simultaneously. –  Simon Boudrias Nov 2 '12 at 2:41
Its a shoutbox, flatfile check on refresh file which is the checkdata will return value and send request to GetData if someone has said anything. There can be instances where people can be submit like 5 even more shouts in a row on different channels, so best to limit the requests to get them. I am trying to make it as resourceful as possible. Its not so great especially when people burst shouts. –  oOo--STAR--oOo Nov 2 '12 at 4:05

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