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I have a series of items I would wish to edit. When editing the current format of my URL appears as such:

http://mysite/items <---- Lists the items
http://mysite/items/1/ <------ more detailed view of items
http://mysite/items/1/edit <----- Ability to edit the item

The routing configuration I would like to try and apply to my structure would like something like this:

http://mysite/items <---- Lists the items
http://mysite/item <---- Detailed view of the item by sending the item ID as POST data
http://mysite/item/edit <---- Edits the item by sending the item ID as POST data

Is this strictly an event of the rails route configuration or do I have to configure the links in the items page to structure the URL specifically.

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Just my opinion, if you set URL like http://mysite/item, how do you know which ID of item you will show? –  Kien Thanh Nov 2 '12 at 7:35

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Try this:

#assuming your actions are in ItemsController
match 'items' => 'items#index', :via => :get
match 'item' => 'items#show', :via => :post
match 'item/edit' => 'items#edit', :via => :post

Be aware this is more for legacy applications/URLs as Rails convention follows RESTful mapping. Further info in the routing guide.

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