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I need to extract some information from a string.

This is the string that I receive (JAVA) : 45056 <LIGNE> 164 336 143 191 </LIGNE>

This is the Regex I use: Pattern p = Pattern.compile("<(.*)>(.*)</\\1>");

The output : LIGNE 164 336 143 191

I want to have the 5 digits numbers too, i can't figure out how to extract it. I tried with


but, it didn't work.

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Try (\\d+)\\s*<(.*)>(.*)</\\1> note the \\s* after the number group. That should help match any spaces between the number and the bracket.

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Not sure exactly what it is you want but, this should print out the 5 digit number as well:

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You probably want that first number in a match group – Andrew White Nov 2 '12 at 2:02
@AndrewWhite Yeah I said I wasn't sure exactly what the OP was trying to do. That depends entirely on what they're hoping to accomplish. – Tim Pote Nov 2 '12 at 2:20

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